IceTrails solution for ice conditions together with VTT and European Space Agency


When there is snow and ice outdoors, the weather and ice forecasts aren’t enough to understand the condition for moving on different type of routes. The sidewalks might be sanded or not, roads might be cleaned from snow lately and an ice trail might be created with an icebreaker. This information isn’t included in the weather and ice forecasts. For sidewalks, roads and skiing slopes there are services to check the conditions. However, in order to navigate large vessels in ice covered water areas such service don’t exists!

Currently vessels need to rely on manual support – such as contacting ice breakers for further instructions or contacting other vessels for their observations. Navidium is currently developing a service accessible over the internet to support navigation planning on ice covered water areas. This service is called IceTrails.


The targets of the IceTrails are to give information about:

  • the location of ice trails and used tracks
  • the ice trails effect to vessel speed
  • path based on icebreaker given waypoints
  • ETA based on ice track analysis
  • provide ice forecasts
  • location of vessels


This information supports navigation planning in order to:

  • save fuel – based on trail analysis
  • to plan safer route – base on trail analysis
  • to plan vessel and land operations more effectively – based on more accurate ETA


This project is an ESA co-funded project. The foundation for the project was made in ESA funded ISABELIA feasibility study led by VTT. The study concluded that in navigation there is a need for more accurate situational awareness in ice conditions which could be obtained by combining AIS data with near real-time satellite images, and advanced algorithms. However, no service provider was found that could have had the proper environment to make the idea into a service.

Ice Trails provides information in graphical mode completed with numerical data as shown below. This is the first time in industry to have this type of info! At the moment there is no other service to provide information about the condition of ice trails. In addition to the information about ice trails, the service provides different kind of information about current and future ice coverage.

This service will be created and piloted with a geographical scope of the Baltic Sea in the first phase. However, the service will be built technically to support global markets. Testing of the service with live environment starts in the beginning of year 2018 with pilot customers.

For further information, please contact us.


Ice Load Monitoring

With Ice Load Monitoring you can see the current ice situation and forecasts, as well as observations and warnings. All in one view. You can modify the view according to your needs. Hide or add features just by clicking the mouse.

The solution consists of four areas

  • Real-time ice load monitoring in the vessel.
  • Predictive ice load monitoring.
    – self-learning and proactive solution that issue warnings based on a developed algorithm, and helps captains avoid hard ice stress on the hull.
    – requires data collection for a defined period, as the algorithm needs to be adjusted based on the vessel type.
  • Back office monitoring.
  • Reporting including observations and warnings.

Reliable satellite based forecasts of ice conditions

The Ice Load Monitoring tool also provides you reliable satellite based forecasts of ice conditions:


  • ice thickness
  • ice movement
  • ice concentration
  • ice load
  • icing