Navidium Plc is a Maritime CleanTech company, which has a wide range of new innovative IoT products for the maritime industry. Navidium´s strategy is to provide innovative solutions to its customers to increase their revenue without sacrificing sustainable values. Effective use of routing, decreased levels of non-value adding time and efforts, and reduced overall operational costs combined with reduced levels of emissions, increased visibility of operations, and compliance with regulations.

Navidium Plc solutions are built based on real-time data to be able to offer safe and sound support of IoT for all vessels and sites concerned. Hence, our parole is to offer solutions that enable ships to be en route and sites to be in operation no matter what conditions they face.

Navidium Plc works together with leading shipping companies, cruise lines, shipyards, ports, and oil companies globally. Strategic business partners, like Heinzmann Ltd, MariApps Ltd & MNS Ltd, are carefully selected to bring wide global networks and competencies to provide e2e solutions for the whole maritime industry.

For continued development and future innovations, Navidium Ltd has co-operation with several Research Institutes, like ESA (European Space Agency), VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland), FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute), AARI (Arctic & Anarctic Research Institute Russia) and top universities in Scandinavia.


Our mission is to provide the best possible global services for our customers. We provide R&D activities and solutions to improve our customers’ business processes and increase their level of productivity. We believe all our customers are part of this mission.


Our vision is to be a leading global player in our customers’ industries by providing high quality R&D activities and innovative IoT technologies with high added value for our customers.


Customer delight and simplicity drive our action, respect and integrity guide our behavior, team work creates great places to perform and grow.

Operative Management

Leadership Team

Arto Koistinen

Janne Tolonen
Vice President, Business Development IoT

Olli Nilsson

Topi Nurmi
Head of Project and Program Management Services

Members of the Board

Janne Tolonen
Chairman of the Board

Mikko Niini
Board member

Arto Koistinen
Board member

Markus Gromer
Board member


ISO 26000

Navidium Plc follows the ISO 26000 guidance document for social responsibility. There is no official certification for this standard, but SFS, the Finnish Standards Institute, has issued guidelines for self-declaration of the fulfillment of the standard.