About Us

At Navidium, we strive to provide the most advanced solutions for the marine industry. Navidium’s strategy is to leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to provide state of the art solutions to our customers to increase their revenue and operational efficiency without sacrificing sustainable values. We practice incorporating environmental and social responsibility and reducing the levels of emission and complying with regulations.

We at Navidium believe that technological change in the maritime industry is the need of the hour, keeping this in mind we develop solutions that cater to individual needs of the organization and vessel. We provide solutions that ensure an increased operational efficiency, lower the operational costs, reduce downtime, make effective use of routing and enable the crew to make smarter decisions using the assistance of Artificial Intelligence.

Navidium utilizes emerging technologies to build innovative and exceptional customer experiences, attain cost efficiencies and obtain competitive advantage. Our solutions are built based on real-time data to be able to offer safe and sound support of IoT for all vessels and sites concerned both on board the vessel and at shore. Hence, our parole is to offer solutions that enable ships to be en route and sites to be in operation no matter what conditions they face.

Navidium Plc has a network of exclusive partners around the world and works with leading shipping companies, cruise lines, shipyards, ports and oil companies. Our strategic business partners include Heinzmann Ltd, MariApps Ltd & Worldlink which are carefully selected to bring in global networks and proficiencies to deliver e2e solutions to the entire maritime industry.

Navidium has ambitious plans for the future, focusing on investing in innovative new technologies and expanding our global presence. With partnerships with various Research institutes across the globe, Navidium pledges to deliver the most competitive and complete solutions for the Marine Industry.

Our Mission & Values


Delighting our customers inspires our actions, respect and integrity guides our behaviour, teamwork creates great spaces to perform and grow.


Our mission is to provide premium global services for our customers. We provide R&D activities and solutions to improve our customers’ business processes and increase their level of productivity. We believe all our customers are part of this mission.


Our Vision is to be a leading global player in our customers industries by providing high quality R&D activities and innovative IoT technologies adding exclusive value to our customers business.

Our Journey





First maritime projects; MareCast® and Hull stress


Focus on maritime industry; MareCast® and FuelMACS

  • First pilot customers for product testing and development
  • Privanet listing

  • Norwegian subsidiary, TestLab AS established
  • Indian subsidiary, TestLab Marine Software Ltd established
  • Completion of the testing and piloting phase
  • Closed the sale with the first hardware vendor
  • First customer from Russia
  • Frame contract signed with MariApps Marine Solutions
  • Company brand and marketing name re-launched to “Navidium”
  • Seatrails completed with European Space Agency
  • Commercial contract signed with Bernhard Schulte Group / MariApps Marine Solutions
  • Negotiations and technical preparations commenced with Damen Group
  • Joint co-development agreement between Navidium and MariApps Marine Solutions
  • Ownership and management of Joint IP (Navidium & MariApps).
  • Bernhard Schulte Group appoints Navidium as partner of choice for Telemetry & Digital Solutions