Full Time

Senior DevOps Engineer

Collaborative, driven, experienced, and structured DevOps engineer.

Job Responsibilities

If you believe that digitalization is a key factor to achieve sustainable development and you wish to contribute to radically change the maritime industry, developing truly impactful software solutions, you should consider joining us at Navidium and be part of the solution to the challenge of our time.

As a Senior DevOps Engineer you'll be designing, developing, and deploying software solutions for open-source environments aiming to increase data accuracy, optimize operational efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and support data generation, contextualization, and explanation.

Successful candidates would be joining our dynamic and diverse team of software architects and developers to work on automated routing solutions, performance optimisation, condition-based maintenance and active reporting.

The ideal candidate has solid computer software background with experience working in open-source environments and a strong understanding of concepts and solutions such as: Kubernetes, Docker, KubeMQ / Kafka and non-SQL databases.


Job Requirements

We consider the following skills desirable rather than strictly necessary.

- Practiced in the skills of agile development

    - Scrum, Stand-ups, Sprint planning and demos

    - Test-driven development

- Disciplined programming models

    - Test driven (unit testing and functional testing)

    - Knowledge of how to collaborate with others using Git

    - Provides good documentation (e.g., markdown, asciidoc, etc.) as well as good comments in code where appropriate

- Communication skills: Fluent English (verbal and written)

- Knows how to collaborate with others and how to present their ideas

- Understanding of the various programming models (in particular object-oriented and functional programming)

We will be using different kinds of technologies for persistence and we do not expect candidates to be acquainted with them all, but they should at least master one of more of these technologies:

  • Graph     Databases (OrientDB, Neo4j, etc.)
  • Column-Family     Databases (Cassandra, HBase, etc.)
  • Document     databases (MongoDB, CouchDB, etc.)
  • Relational     databases (SQL, Schema Design, etc.)
  • Key-Value     Stores (Redis, Riak, etc.)

We don't expect the ideal candidate to tick all the boxes. Rather, we are looking for people eager to join a dynamic team, willing to motivate and mentor others as well as to be motivated by complex challenges. Specific knowledge of or a keen interest in the maritime industry would be a plus.

Successful candidates should have at least 6+ years of experience building and deploying software solutions.

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