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Environmental Compliance

One product designed to ensure full compliance with all environmental regulations without increasing the workload on crews and managers. Navidium makes environmental compliance easy and transforms it into a competitive advantage.

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Compliance made easy

One dashboard to monitor your fleet's environmental performance, understand trends per type of ship or per voyage, calculate all relevant GHG emissions (CII, EEDI, EEXI) and automatically determine when they apply. Navidium helps you navigate the intricacies of environmental reporting and compliance.

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Effective reporting

Navidium can automatically generate vessel-specific reports based on your ship’s particulars and on the data  collected through any onboard software. Environmental Compliance has been conceived to adapt to all regulatory frameworks, including the IMO DCS and EU MRV. As regulations change, Navidium will make reporting effective, accurate, and easy.

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Future-proof your business

Navidium's data accuracy applies to environmental compliance to ensure that your business remains competitive as IMO regulations become tighter.
Navidium identifies emission trends for each vessel and enables owners, managers, and charterers to produce reliable analysis, leading to immediate savings and a quick return of investment.

Graphic Showing CII rating systems

Business as usual is no business at all

For ship owners the risks associated with regulatory infringement are many and serious. A good environmental rating makes your vessel more commercially attractive, gives you access to better finance, dramatically cuts operational costs, ensures access to all ports at lower fees, and increases the value of your assets.

The business impact of CII ratings

Environmental compliance is the best way to manage IMO compliance, avoiding hefty fines, and sharing your emissions scorecards with customers and stakeholders such as banks and underwriters.

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