We offer total support for EU MRV for shipping companies globally

EU MRV will come into force beginning of 2018, mandating of monitoring, reporting and verification of the CO2 emissions from ships that call at ports in the EU region.  We will start the provision of the FuelMACS with MRV solution to shipping companies worldwide. The new service provides total support for compliance with the EU MRV European regulations on the fuel consumption reporting system for the shipping industry globally.  In the first phase applications for MRV monitoring offering assistance for the drafting of Monitoring. Plans due for submission on August 31, 2017, will be accepted from April 12, 2017. We will fully utilize FuelMACS service infrastructure and databases developed in support of the shipping industry globally in compliance with EU MRV.

Have a plan

A ship-specific monitoring plan is required to indicate the selected method for monitoring and reporting the required CO2 emissions and other required data including fuel, cargo and miles. 

These must be prepared in accordance with published templates and submitted to a third party verifier for assesment of conformity by 31 August 2017. With a new focus on the data quantity and quality required by the regulation, it will be critical for shipowners and operators to develop a plan for each vessel that is accurate and robust enough to minimize the risk of non-compliance.

Implement your plan

Once a plan has been established for each vessel it will need to be implemented into existing systems like FuelMACS and processes on board and ashore.

Shipowners and operators will need to understand the roles and responsibilities of those involved in managing the data flow from each on board measurement point to the submission of the annual emissions report. You will need to ensure that you have the right equipment, processes and competencies in place at the beginning of the first monitoring period on 1 January 2018.

Phases of implementation of EU MRV

1. August 31, 2017

Creation of MRV reporting plans. Certification by certification body.

2. January 1, 2018

Commencement of EU MRV monitoring. Commencement of monitoring of CO2 emissions, voyage distance and cargo transported for each voyage by ships exceeding 5,000 gross tonnes that call at ports in the EU.

3. April 30, 2019

(April 30 every year) Creation and submission of Emissions Report to certification body based on the results of monitoring. After the Emissions Report is certified, an MRV report is issued, and the certified MRV report is submitted to the EU and the state of registration. June 30, 2019 (June 30 every year) MRV report is kept on board and presented upon inspection in ports within the EU.