Finnish IoT expertise reduces ship emissions

Navidium’s optimization technology reduces fuel consumption significantly. Navidium’s unique solutions also utilize big data.

Ships are no longer made of wood, but the development of the marine industry has by no means ended at iron ships. The digitalization on water has progressed, for example, by Finnish Navidium. The company’s unique technology helps ships reduce fuel consumption and, consequently, adverse emissions.

With the products developed by Navidium, ships can choose the optimal route based on real-time weather data and forecasts. Real-time information about frost, ice, wind and sea stream flows into the Navidium system from tens of thousands of observation points around the world. Regardless of the route, the fuel consumption is reduced thanks to Navidium’s optimization solution.

In addition to observing external conditions, the IoT implementation of the solution monitors the operation of the ship’s engine and power transmission with the power of hundreds of sensors and flow meters. Because the iron structures of the ships effectively block the passage of wireless signals, the data of the sensors passes securely into the computer onboard, along the cables. This information will continue to run on the Navidium server, either via a mobile or a satellite connection, depending on the ship’s location.

The benefits of the system are obvious. For example, vessels operating in the Baltic Sea will typically achieve about ten percent fuel savings, thanks to Navidium’s optimization technology. Therefore, it is no wonder that there is a demand for Navidium’s solutions. In addition to Finland, the company has operations in the Netherlands, Russia and the Indian R & D Center. Also, in China two new sales offices are about to be opened. A similar product entity is not found anywhere else in the world.

“Our product, which advises the captain to drive economically in real-time internal and external conditions, is unique on the market,” says Janne Tolonen, Navidium’s IoT Development Director. The company’s new ice-navigation solution is also looking for a peer to peer in the world.

The algorithms developed by Navidium make calculations that the human brain could not manage. They give instructions on the base of the data they analyze. External conditions and IoT data are added to the company’s system every second. There is lots – and more and more comes in all the time. “Navidium lives on data,” Tolonen describes.