For Optimal Navigation in Ice Conditions

Our unique IceTrail management system optimizes vessel routes and minimizes risks in ice conditions. It has an easy-to-use interface which gives you all the information you need in a one view.  It is a perfect solutions for shipping companies, vessel operators, ports, vessel pilots, customs, logistics service providers, cargo owners.

With IceTrails you gain the best knowledge about

IceTrails supports both navigation and operational planning

For navigation planning

  • route options
  • optimal route
  • more accurate ETA estimate
  • consolidated info for winter navigation

For operation planning

  • more accurate ETA estimate
  • faster reaction to fleet operations when sudden destination changes cause multiple vessel re-planning

Ice Load Monitoring

Add Ice Load Monitoring function to IceTrails and  you can see the current ice situation and forecasts, as well as observations and warnings. All in one view. You can modify the view according to your needs. Hide or add features just by clicking the mouse.

The solution consists of four functions

  • Real-time ice load monitoring in the vessel.
  • Predictive ice load monitoring.
    – self-learning and proactive solution that issue warnings based on a developed algorithm, and helps captains avoid hard ice stress on the hull.
    – requires data collection for a defined period, as the algorithm needs to be adjusted based on the vessel type.
  • Back office monitoring.
  • Reporting including observations and warnings.

Reliable satellite based forecasts of ice conditions

The Ice Load Monitoring tool also provides you reliable satellite based forecasts of ice conditions:


  • ice thickness
  • ice movement
  • ice concentration
  • ice load
  • icing