Instrument Automation

Data acquisition from various sensors as well as specific equipment is continuously collated for transmission & analysis. Navidium’s unique solution provide’s a single screen overview from multiple data sources. This allows the vessels crew and shore-based management team to remotely monitor the current operational status as well as predict conditions that will require attention.


Data Acquisition

Navidium with its automation solutions can ensure you see the data necessary for the efficient operation of your fleet on a single platform with in-depth analysis of the data

    Equipment Sensor

    We provide solutions to replace instruments in order to ensure complete data monitoring is in place to ensure optimum operational judgment for vessel owners and management.


    OEM Integration

    With the integration to the OEM providers Navidium assists with the installation of the latest digital equipment on board to automate all the manual logs and inaccurate readings ensuring accurate and useful data to be collected and analyzed.


    Key Features

    Availability of Crucial Data

    Read Generated Log Files

    Optimum Operational Judgement

    Log Automation

    Automated Data Acquisition System