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Press release 12.9.2018

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Navidium and MariApps Marine Solutions, a Bernhard Schulte company, have reached a sales agreement

Navidium and MariApps Marine Solutions, a Bernhard Schulte company, have reached a sales agreement, by which the two partners will together work on installing Navidium’s world class maritime navigation solutions for the entire fleet of BSM and for customers managed by Mariapps Marine Solutions.

As one the world’s top merchant fleet operators, BSM manages customers from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The implementation will start immediately and the entire installation will be concluded by 2020. The agreement includes installations for 1,000 vessels and it will significantly expand the global presence of Navidium’s solutions. After completing the installations for several new customers, Navidium will become the undisputed leader in comprehensive digitized and IoT based platforms. This include DAC (data collection), Marecast, Fuelcast, Icecast, and the integration of the ERP PAL solution provided by MariApps. The Navidium solutions can accommodate a large variety of vessels operating on stormy and treacherous high seas, in congested straits or near busy ports. The two partners will also open up a new operations center in Cochin, which will monitor customer vessel performance and proactively give guidance to customers.

Navidium is a leading digitized maritime navigation solutions provider. With proven track records, Navidium’s solutions can, not only, significantly enhance the safety of vessels facing wind and wave constraints and assure more accurate voyage time, but also substantially reduce fuel costs and emissions. Consequently, Navidium’s offering has been rated the most comprehensive solution by a UCLA post graduate study.

MariApps Marine Solutions, a Bernhard Schulte company, is a leading technology company that offers state-of-the-art marine enterprise solutions for ship managers and ship owners. MariApps’ flagship product is PAL 3, a complete marine ERP system that is fully web based, cloud supported and mobile compliant.

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