Advanced Products

At Navidium, we strive to provide the most advanced solutions for the marine industry.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Monitors performance parameters on board the vessel as well as on the shore side.


Offers optimum routing suggestions along with real-time weather forecast, sea and ice conditions.

Vessel Operation Center

Monitor the entire fleet 24×7, VOC enhances communication between crew and shore.

Instrument Automation

Provision and in-depth analysis of data for efficient operation of fleet on a single platform.

Condition Based Monitoring

Generates diagnostics reports and maintenance instructions to avoid failures and breakdowns.

Data Security

With the rapid increase in the number of people connecting to the Internet, the security threats that causes substantial harm are also increasing. Navidium has developed a protocol to deal with cyber security matters and to avoid misuse of data and potential data thefts.

Some of the measures in place for all Navidium solutions are:

  1. A new telemetry network would be configured on board the vessel segregated from existing business network. No communication between business and telemetry network by default.
  2. Controlled secure access to telemetry server from shore by Navidium.
  3. Direct connection of PCs/devices on telemetry network to dedicated telemetry switch in Shipsat/communication cabinet, no local switch in different locations for security control.
  4. Any telemetry network communication with business network or internet must be specifically requested, approved.
  5. Firewall rules to restrict data base access.
  6. Databases are tightly secured to help satisfy most regulatory or security requirements, including HIPAA, ISO 27001/27002, and PCI DSS Level 1.