Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Real time performance monitoring is a key component of asset management. Trending and notifications provide the vessels crew and shore-based management teams an insight to the operational status of various equipment. The uninterrupted data streams & continuous analysis allows for s.m.a.r.t. decisions impacting immediate maintenance requirements as well as long-term asset reliability.

Vessel View

Designed to be easy to use by crew on board the vessel. The main screen will display the relevant information regarding current vessel performance such as hull and propeller performance, engine performance, etc. It also gives an insight into the overall performance of the vessel by displaying the fuel consumption per nautical mile, voyage wise. Whilst also giving a continuous update on the weather conditions all in one screen.

Data Streaming Mechanism

  • Real Time: Live feed transferred to the shore using the vessels internet connectivity
  • Off-line: Telemetry data packets sent to shore at fixed time intervals as email attachments
  • Live View: Monitor real time signals consolidated at one place from various equipment anywhere on board.

Shore View

Monitor and track the actual voyage of the vessel and results on shore. More details on the KPI’s, vessel performance, fuel consumptions, present location, estimated time of arrival and a lot more are accessible through shore view. With the data obtained the running conditions of vessel modules can be checked straight away and troubleshooting and optimizing actions can be identified and rectified.

Data Orchestration Mechanism

  • Data Validation: All data collected and validated to check for anomalies
  • Data Fusion: Telemetry data fused with other sources such as weather properties, Operational parameters
  • Performance Analysis



    Along with providing real time data, we also carry out the added service of performance evaluation and compare the performance parameters with the sea trail, shop trail, previous voyages. This helps in understanding the operational capability of the vessel whilst also comparing voyages based on charter party instructions giving the management an insight into the business perspective of operation and also most importantly the operational health of the vessel.

    Hull & Propeller

    The speed and power loss during the journey of the vessel can be calculated by this module. It also provides the consumption of energy at a certain state and delivers the required data on the percentage of propeller RPM corrected deviation.

    Engine Performance

    In order to reduce the fuel consumption, maintenance costs and the risk for engine damage this module delivers the real-time status of the engine performance.

    Charter Party Voyage Comparison

    The performance evaluation is carried out based on the voyage time gain/loss and voyage over/under consumption.

    Key Features

    Optimize Voyage Cost

    View Vessel Real Time Data

    Optimize and Plan Fuel Consumption

    Troubleshoot and Correct Received Data

    ETA via Shore View

    Receive Performance Evaluation Report

    Performance Analysis for Vessel & Fleet

    Charter Party Voyage Comparison