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Voyage Optimization

Voyage Optimization plans the best route taking into account weather forecast and current conditions as well as other data from all available sensors.

Weather-optimized routing

Voyage Optimization calculates the best weather-optimized route taking into account all meaningful parameters, including traffic-related incidents. The optimized route leads to less fuel consumption, less CO2 emissions, and better engine usage, resulting in significant savings.

Readily accessible information

Voyage optimization provides the crew with all the information needed in one clear visualization, continuously displaying updated ETA and comparing it to historical data. Speed and RPM advisory are conveniently displayed along the planned route.

Accurate route planning

Voyage Optimization is fully integrated with ECDIs and allows to accurately plan voyages from and to all ports, selecting beforehand allowed and avoid areas, navigation method, great circle interval, and Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECAs). Route-planning and regulatory compliance are easily integrated directly on the dashboard.

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