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Faster. Smarter. Greener.

Scalable, Flexible, and Sustainable Software for the Maritime Industry.

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Immediate benefits for owners, managers, charterers & operators

Navidium installs in seconds on any vessel and scales fast on any type of fleet, making it the best solution for technical & commercial managers/operators, pool managers & charterers.

Increase safety, save fuel, reduce emissions.

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Navidium’s Voyage Optimization lets you import, export, and edit routes based on up-to-date weather forecasts & advanced algorithms. Based on our open data environment, Voyage Optimization ensures that operators and managers can easily share data with all relevant stakeholders.

Easy to install, easy to use & easier to scale.

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Navidium’s products are designed to be easy to install & use, on board and in the office. This translates into high scalability, from one to a thousand vessels in just hours. Once you have installed Navidium, you can still use all the other software you’ve invested in. Navidium is designed to be fully interoperable & compatible with all platforms.

Your business, your data, your control.

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Navidium doesn’t force to use one line of products from a single vendor or provider. We’re committed to staying 100% silo-free. Also, we have a fully transparent approach to software development, so, our users can always see the weather providers we’re using or the methodology we’re using.  

Trusted by the best of the best

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30-second installation

On any ship, at any time. That’s the time it takes to start using Voyage Optimization on your vessel & fleet. No hidden costs, no lock-ins, no silos.

Access Voyage Optimization
Input your Vessel(s) Particulars
Scale up to your Whole Fleet or Pool

Navidium is not only easy to install, it also offers flexible subscription plans that make it the perfect choice for pool operators, fleet managers, and short-time charters.

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A flexible software environment

We get started with your vessel’s particulars, then we use generic vessel models to improve the performance of the software over time.

Integrate with your own data streams
Multiple weather providers
Generic or vessel specific data modelling

Navidium is built to connect and use data in a way that suits your needs. We can use generic or vessel-specific models to scale in no time across large fleets, and we offer multiple weather providers to ensure the best prediction by region. 

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Transparent, efficient, compliant

Navidium’s Open Data Environment is the foundation for our approach to sustainable shipping as it enables data sharing and accelerates digitalisation.

Less fuel consumption & emissions
Compliance with regulatory targets
Access & control over your data

Maritime regulations are becoming more stringent and pervasive, that is relevant for owners, managers, charterers, and operators. Sharing data simplifies collaboration between all relevant stakeholders.

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How Navidium’s software impacts shipping

Navidium’s offers its software as-a-service, which entails frequent updates, a constant flow of new features, & the advantage of improvements directly based on your feedback.

Constant Updates

New Features & Improvements

Feedback into Modules

Navidium is not only easy to install, it also offers flexible subscription plans that make it the perfect choice for pool operators, fleet managers, and short-time charters

Our Product

Voyage Optimization

All the information needed to make clear, data-driven, business decisions. For all stakeholders & all types of use cases.

Reduce fuel consumption with optimal route planning

Meet emissions targets and report on your CII rating

Increase safety for the crew, vessel and cargo

Optimise the voyage commercial performance

Seamlessly integrate and import / export routes to & from ECDIS

Compare Multiple options to help plan the best voyage

Advised leg speed calculated based on sophisticated models

Visualise detailed and updated weather conditions on route

Optimise routes based on:

  • Meet ETA
  • Vessel ECO Speed
  • Vessel Dynamic ECO Speed (requires telemetry data)
  • Fixed Speed
  • Fixed Consumption

Voyage prediction based on

  • Estimated fuel usage
  • Average SOG
  • Estimated Arrival
  • Estimated CII Rating

Let us help you on your journey

Accurate predictions tailored to your needs, reliable, and immediately actionable.