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Where your Maritime Data Experience begins

One platform, many workloads, no constraints, and no silos


Fuel consumption prediction accuracy


Up to 7.5% potential fuel savings


Speed prediction accuracy

Thousands of hours at sea to build the most accurate models

Our solutions

Immediate benefits based on reliable and scalable products to reduce operational costs, improve energy efficiency, and future-proof your business.

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Report and monitor the fleet's compliance status, transforming regulatory constraints into a competitive advantage.

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The most reliable tool for optimal route planning, granting immediate tangible benefits to short-sea and deep-sea vessels.

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Performance Monitoring allows owners and managers to achieve real-time control over the operational status of all the equipment on board in one simple dashboard.

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Evaluate performance parameters by comparing them with data from previous voyages and with your standards of choice.

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Navidium Data Fusion

The future of digitalization is data fusion. A process through which data from all sources are given context and combined to become accurate and immediately actionable.

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AI-based support to insight generation and explanation.

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Full adaptability to all data sources, hardware and software.

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Unlock the potential of personalization at scale

Cloud-based, flexible solutions, based on data openness and near-limitless scalability.

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Navidium believes in bringing together environmental concerns and business. We promote energy efficiency through state-of-the-art digital tools to reduce fuel consumption, GHG emissions, and operational costs.

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Makes exabytes of data quickly actionable
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Grants interoperability between vendors
Immediate ROI with no capital expenditure
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Based on advanced machine learning, Navidium uses vessel-specific and generic models, thus achieving high levels of data accuracy and highly scalable installation.

Quick onboarding process
Easy integration to all datasets
Accurate data for reliable decisions
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Navidium's data collection ensures the high quality of the data upon which our products are built. Accurate data means better and faster decisions onboard and ashore.

Weather-optimized routing
Vessel performance and condition monitoring
Post-voyage simulation and playback reporting
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Our aim is to conserve and promote the blue economy by designing digital tools and systems for the maritime world.

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Technical & operational data

Data filtering & cleaning

Model creation

Analysis & evaluation

Actual deployment

Proven digital innovation

Navidium's approach is based on years of direct experience, working side-by-side with crews and ship owners and managers.

Ship Owners & Managers
Ship Captains
Original Equipment Manufacturers

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